Training goals

Bridging the gap between academia and industry

NextBase aims at producing six highly employable PhD graduates expert in the field of 3d metal-catalytic methodologies for the synthesis of fine chemicals/APIs/API ingredients, who are also aware of the importance of sustainability issues in chemical synthesis.

The DCs will experience a vivid and stimulating research environment in which the academic and the industrial approach to research are highly integrated, owing to a network of intersectoral and transnational secondments which will expose them to academic and industrial settings.

The training programme has the goal to provide the DCs with the following skills

Target skills

Core research skills

Core research skills, acquired ‘on the job’ while carrying out the research projects, which include: i) deep scientific knowledge on the project topic and on its scientific area (organic chemistry, synthesis, catalysis) at large; ii) practical scientific knowledge (lab practice); iii) analytical techniques; iv) information seeking (data-bases) and management; v) lab safety; vi) research ethics; vii) supervising other people (students).

Advanced research skills

Advanced research skills, delivered by the consortium, including: i) ability to evaluate the sustainability of a reaction/process based on economic and environmental considerations; ii) knowledge on the mechanisms of interaction between basic and applied research; iii) ability to evaluate the industrial feasibility of a reaction; iv) reaction scale up; v) patenting and intellectual property issues; vi) legal requirements/regulations; vii) risk management.

Transferable skills

Transferable skills, such as: i) critical thinking; ii) self-confidence and independency; iii) problem-solving ability; iv) team work attitude; v) project management and strategic decision-making; vi) languages; vii) presentation skills; viii) writing skills (CV, reports, papers and proposals); ix) interview/self-presentation skills.

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